Transparent Decentralized Futures Exchange

Up to 250x leverage trade on crypto, stocks and indices with the lowest fees on the market

Explore endless opportunities with OMT

Dive in various features to earn safe and sufficient income

Up to 250x Leverage Trading

Boost Long/Short profits with up to 250x leverage and enjoy trading with tiny slippage, zero price impact and the lowest trading fees.

Liquidity Contribution (OLP Holder)

Provide liquidity for trading and receive 70% of profit sharing in return.

Passive income and compound reward

Super boost your funds with compound interest and receive 30% profit share when staking OMT.


Open Meta Trade maintains Dual-Token Model to prevent monitoring compliance issues and ensure better usability


OMT (Open Meta Token) is the governance and utility token. Staking OMT helps users gain OMT Exchange profits.


OLP (Open Liquidity Provider) is the liquidity index token that represents a list of assets in the OMT liquidity pool. OLP accrues 70% of the platform's generated fees.

Trading Mechanism

The unique benefits make OMT a worthy investment

Liquidation Risks Minimized

Keeps positions safe by using an aggregator to determine liquidations

Own Your Exchange

Contribute liquidity and earn profits from users' trades

Security Ensured

Security is the top priority at OMT. Audits will be conducted to guarantee the utmost safety.

Astonishing Speed

Fast transaction speed is always prioritized to increase the stability of your trading positions.

Swap Integration

Conveniently swap any assets if desire for easier trading and adding liquidity.

Less and Lower Fees

Say goodbye to all kinds of fees and formulas. Welcome to Open Meta Trade!

Top-tier Supported Networks

Arbitrum and ONUS Chain are our first supported networks. Stay tuned for our future expansion.

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